You Don't Know What Love Is(ユー・ドント・ノウ・ホワット・ラブ・イズ,Yū donto Nō howatto rabu Izu) is the 6th episode of Kids on the Slope Anime. It first aired on May 17, 2012.


The second year of high school has begun, but Sentarō ends up in a different class separate from Kaoru and Ritsuko. After Ritsuko takes Sentarō to the infirmary to treat his wounds from an earlier fight, Kaoru goes inside the art room to see Yurika, who is still working on her painting, and tells her about Junichi's disappearance. Later at the basement of the record store, Kaoru suggests Sentarō not go on a date with Yurika, but the latter ignores the advice, ending up talking about Junichi during their date. Seiji Matsuoka, who is in the art club with Yurika, tells Sentarō about his dream of becoming a famous musician so he can support his family, and then asks Sentarō to join his rock band and play at the school festival. Sentarō invites Ritsuko and Kaoru to go to the beach with him by bus to help take care of his siblings. Seiji, who also shows up there, is ecstatic when Sentarō agrees to join his rock band. Kaoru feels betrayed and storms out, riding back home in anger. Meanwhile, Tsutomu goes to the local bar and chances upon a drunk Junichi there.

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