These Foolish Things(ジーズ・フーリッシュ・シングス,Jīzu Fūrisshu Shingusu) is the 8th episode of Kids on the Slope anime. It was first aired on May 31, 2012.


Tsutomu Mukae tells Kaoru Nishimi and Sentarou Kawabuchi that Junichi Katsuragi was recently disowned by his father, since he dropped out of college after resigning from a political activism movement there. Meanwhile, Yurika Fukahori comes upon Junichi and follows him back to his new apartment where she confronts him about a kiss they had shared at the record shop. He tries to seduce her in an attempt to scare her away, but to no avail. She then stubbornly cuts her hair to prove that she would change for him, which brings back his regrets, recalling when Isao Arita was arrested and Muroi was injured, both of whom were members of the political activism movement. At school, Sentarō overhears students talking about Yurika's change in behavior and appearance, assuming that Junichi had done something to her. Sentarō discovers, after going to see Junichi at his apartment, that Yurika has been staying with Junichi, causing him to leave in tears. Back at the record shop, Sentarō tells Kaoru about what he had seen, and Kaoru scolds him for not being aware that there was already someone in love with him. He soon realizes that Kaoru was referring to Ritsuko Mukae.

Character AppearanceEdit

- Kaoru Nishimi

- Sentarou Kawabuchi

- Ritsuko Mukae

- Yurika Fukahori

- Junichi Katsuragi

- Tsutomu Mukae

- Isao Arita

- Muroi


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