Summertime (サマータイム Samātaimu) is the 2nd episode of the Kids on the Slope anime. It was originally aired on April 19, 2012.


Kaoru Nishimi finds that playing jazz is a lot harder than he expected. When Ritsuko Mukae finds Kaoru in the grip of bullies that is led by Ryunosuke Yamaoka, she gets Sentarou Kawabuchi to help him. Back at the record store, Sentarō introduced Kaoru to Junichi Katsuragi, a family friend who is going to college in Tokyo. Sentarō, Junichi, and even Tsutomu Mukae (Ritsuko's father) start playing "Bags' Groove" by Milt Jackson. Kaoru joins in after some encouragement from Sentarō. With summertime soon approaching, Kaoru asks Ritsuko out on a date, but Sentarō shows up too, much to Kaoru's displeasure. They take a bus to the beach and go swimming. On their way back, Sentarō scares off some guys who are annoying a beautiful long-haired girl named Yurika Fukahori. After realizing how beautiful she is, Sentarō fell in love at first sight.


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