Ritsuko Mukae (迎 律子 Mukae Ritsuko?)is one of the main characters of the Kids on the Slope series. She is a first-year student at Higashi High School and a classmate of Kaoru Nishimi and Sentarou Kawabuchi.



Ritsuko is a teenage girl with straight, shoulder length dark brown hair that she wears in pigtails with yellow ribbons tied to it, sharp and pointy bangs that stops above her eyebrows, brown eyes and freckles that goes across her nose. In Episode 3, Kaoru sees Ritsuko as an attractive girl. At the end of the anime and manga, Ritsuko cuts her pigtails off.

Personality Edit

Ritsuko is a kindhearted, caring, cheerful and responsible girl.


Ritsuko is the daughter of records shop owner Tsutomu Mukae and the childhood friend of Sentarou Kawabuchi. She is a also representative of class, to which Kaoru and Sentarou are belong to. Like Sentarou, Ritsuko is a Roman Catholic and attends church together with him.

At the end of the manga, Ritsuko is also Kaoru Nishimi’s wife (thus making her Ritsuko Nishimi) & eventually becomes pregnant with his child.


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Trivia Edit

  • The name Ritsuko means "law" (ritsu) and "child" (ko).