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Kids on the Slope (坂道のアポロン Sakamichi no Apollon) is an anime series produced by MAPPA and Tezuka Productions based on the same named manga by Yuki Kodama.[1] It was originally aired from April 12 to June 28, 2012. The anime has been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks[2], in British Isles by MVM Entertaiment and in Australasia by Hanabee. The anime also aired and continues to be available on Crunchyroll.[3]


Summer 1966: Kaoru Nishimi has moved to live with relatives in Kyushu. He's been an aloof honor student his whole life, but that starts changing when he meets Sentarou Kawabuchi, the school's notorious bad boy. Through him, he learns the appeal of jazz and forms his first real friendships.

Episode listEdit

No. Title Original airdate
1 "Moanin'"

"Mōnin" (モーニン)

April 12, 2012
2 "Summertime"

"Samātaimu" (サマータイム)

April 19, 2012
3 "Someday My Prince Will Come"

"Itsuka ōji-sama ga" (いつか王子様が)

April 26, 2012
4 "But Not for Me"

"Batto notto fō mī" (バット・ノット・フォー・ミー)

May 3, 2012
5 "Lullabys of Birdland"

"Bādorando no komori-uta" (バードランドの子守唄)

May 10, 2012
6 "You Don't Know What Love Is"

"Yū donto Nō howatto rabu Izu" (ユー・ドント・ノウ・ホワット・ラブ・イズ)

May 17, 2012
7 "Now's the Time"

"Nauzu za taimu" (ナウズ・ザ・タイム)

May 24, 2012
8 "These Foolish Things"

"Jīzu Fūrisshu Shingusu" (ジーズ・フーリッシュ・シングス)

May 31, 2012
9 "Love Me or Leave Me"

"Rabu Mī oa Rību Mī" (ラブ・ミー・オア・リーブ・ミー)

June 7, 2012
10 "In A Sentimental Mood"

"In a senchimentaru mūdo" (イン・ア・センチメンタル・ムード)

June 14, 2012
11 "Left Alone"

"Refuto Arōn" (レフト・アローン)

June 21, 2012
12 "All Blues"

"Ōru Burūsu" (オール・ブルース)

June 28, 2012


  • Director - Shinichirō Watanabe
  • Producer - Masao Maruyama
  • Script - Ayako Katoh,Yūko Kakihara
  • Character Design - Nobuteru Yuki
  • Art Director - Shinichi Uehara
  • Music- Yoko Kanno
  • Art - Chieko Nakamura (ED), Minoru Nishida (OP)
  • Chief Animation Director - Katsuya Yamada (ep 9), Yoshimitsu Yamashita
  • Original Creator - Yuki Kodama
  • Producer - Daisuke Konaka, Noriko Ozaki (Fuji TV)
  • Executive producer - Atsushi Terada, Junichi Shinzaka, Naoki Kitagawa, Yatsuho Tomikawa (Fuji TV)
  • CGI Director - Yuushi Koshida
  • Director of Photography - Kenji Takehara



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