In a Sentimental Mood (イン・ア・センチメンタル・ムード In a Senchimentaru mūdo?) is the 10th of Kids on the Slope anime. It was first aired on June 14, 2012.


Kaoru, perceiving the pair of gloves were a present for Sentarō, finds out that Sentarō never got a gift from Ritsuko. Kaoru puts on the gloves and thanks her during a snowball fight with Sentarō. Upon learning that Sentarō is at risk of repeating the year, Kaoru helps him with his studies at his house. During study break, Sentarō's youngest sister wets herself while sitting on Kaoru's lap, making him have to take a bath there. Ritsuko accidentally walks in on Kaoru, who just found out that the bath is shared. Kaoru questions her feelings for him, and she sadly walks away. Kaoru leaves but catches a cold on the way home, and Sentarō forces Ritsuko to pay Kaoru a visit. After Kaoru soon realizes Ritsuko's true feelings for him, he runs to her to affirm his love for her before she leaves. Just before he kisses her, he collapses in her arms from his fever. Some time later, Kaoru and Sentarō learn about Seiji's challenge against them for the upcoming school festival. However, after Sentarō hears that his foster father is returning home from his job in another prefecture, he decides to run away from home.

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