But Not for Me (バット・ノット・フォー・ミー Batto notto fō mī?) is the 4th episode of Kids on the Slope anime. It first aired on May 3, 2012.


Junichi informs Kaoru, Sentarō, and Tsutomu that a gig is being offered at a local bar on Christmas. After discovering that Sentarō's birthday is on the same day, Kaoru purchases a set of drumsticks for him at a music store, bumping into Ritsuko there, who had the same idea. Outside, Kaoru kisses Ritsuko without her permission, and she runs away crying. Kaoru sees Sentarō, showing up with his siblings, and develops jealousy for his family, running away after yelling at him. Then, Sentarō finds Kaoru and drags him off to the church, where he explains that he is actually of American descent and was often shunned by schoolmates and family. Kaoru regrets shouting at him, and they play the intro of "Moanin'" together on the organ. During their live performance of "Blowin' the Blues Away" by Horace Silver at the bar, they are interrupted by a drunk foreigner who insists that they play "white jazz", angering Sentarō as he quits the stage. Junichi and Kaoru perform a rendition of "But Not For Me" to lighten the mood. After the performance, Junichi and Yurika shyly introduce each other while walking home.

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