All Blues(オール・ブルース,Ōru burūsu) is the 12th and the last episode of Kids on the Slope anime. It was first aired on June 28, 2012.


There has still been no word about Sentarō, even as graduation soon approaches. While studying at Ritsuko's house, Kaoru tries to get more intimate with her, but she pushes him away after his comment about him being happy about Sentarō's disappearance. Kaoru, after apologizing to her, reveals that he is leaving after graduation by train to attend a college in Tokyo. After graduation, he stands outside the record shop and tells an upset Ritsuko that he feels content since he first befriended her. On the night of his departure, he seen off by Tsutomu, as well as his aunt and cousin. Just as the train starts leaving, he sees Ritsuko running along the train, and they manage to exchange one last glance before he leaves town for college. Eight years pass, and Kaoru is now a resident doctor. One day, he meets a now pregnant Yurika, who shows him a picture of a friend's wedding on a small island, and he recognizes Sentarō in the photo. He rushes to the island, and learns that Sentarō is now a priest in training at the local church. Kaoru sees Sentarō's drums in the church, and starts to play "Moanin'" on the organ. Sentarō hears, and goes to the church to join in on drums. The head priest arrives and scolds Sentarō for playing the drums without permission, and Sentarō and Kaoru run out of the church and down the slope. Near the bottom of the slope, they reunite with Ritsuko, who is holding a postcard from Yurika about Sentarō's whereabouts.

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